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Registration Policy

Article 1 Duties of CITIC Group Registry

CITIC Group Corporation authorizes “CITIC Group Corporation Top Level Domain Registry” as the legal registry for the management of “.citic” and “.中信”.

Article 2 Registration Eligibility


The registrants of the “.citic” and “.中信” TLDs are limited to CITIC Group Corporation and its subsidiaries, of those who use the string of “citic” or “中信 (Chinese characters of citic)” in their company names or those who are fully owned or controlled subsidiary companies, as well as the licensees of CITIC Group Trademarks.

Article 3 Registration Requirements

1. String Policies

(1) Apply to general rules of Internet domain names

(2) Strings requirements:

① consist of A-Z (case insensitive), the digits (0-9) and hyphen (-);

② consist of Chinese (ZH) IDNs;

③ cannot exceed 63 characters (not including the TLD);

④ cannot start or end with a hyphen (-);

(3) Combinations of ASCII and Chinese IDN are not acceptable;

(4) Domain names below are restricted from registration:

① The ASCII label “EXAMPLE”.

② All two-character ASCII labels (including 00 to 99).

③ Labels reserved for registry operations.

④ Country and Territory Names.

⑤ International Olympic Committee; International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

⑥ Intergovernmental Organizations.

⑦ In violation of Local Laws or Regulatory Requirements:

The Measures for the Administration of Internet Domain Names (Regulation No. 30) promulgated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China stipulate:

“No organization or individual may register or use names containing elements that:

a. Oppose the fundamental principles of the Constitution;

b. Compromise national security, divulge state secrets, subvert the government or damage national unity;

c. Damage national honor and interest;

d. Incite ethnic hatred or ethnic discrimination, undermining people unity;

e. Violate state religion policies or propagate heretical teachings or feudal superstitions;

f. Spread rumors, disturb social order or undermine social stability;

g. Spread obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terrorism or incite the commission of crimes;

h. Insult or slander others or infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of a third party;

i. Contain other content prohibited by laws and administrative regulations.”

(5) Domain applies for should be relevant to the applicants’ business.

(6) WWW,RDDS,WHOIS,NIC are reserved to registry to use.

2. Process of Registration

(1) Click www.vnsplorer.com to Whois the domain name information;

(2) Complete the domain name registration application form;

(3) Log into the registrar website to register domain names online;

(4) Submit real, accurate and complete registration information;

(5) Pay for the registration fee;

(6) Domain name will go through auditing;

(7) The audited domain name will be activated.

3. Duration of registration should be between one to ten years. The term of registration is calculated by year only.

Article 4 Domain Name Change And Termination

1. If there is any change to the Whois, domain name holder shall inform the registry within 30 days. After the change is audited, the registry shall update the Whois.

2. 7 work days after the application is submitted, namely registration grace period, applicant is entitled to withdraw the application.

3. 7 work days after the registered domain name is renewed, namely renewal grace period, applicant is entitled to withdraw the application.

4. If a domain name is not renewed 7 days after it expires, the domain name will be deleted.

5. In the process of registration and using, any domain name that violates national laws and regulations will be deleted automatically.

Article 5 Fee Description

1. Domain name registration fee should be paid to the registrar.

2. If applicant withdraws applications within the grace period, a refund can be provided.

3. If a domain name is forced for deletion, part of the registration fee can be refunded.

Article 6 Dispute resolution

If there is any dispute, a negotiation is suggested. If the negotiation does not solve the dispute, CITIC Group Registry will submit it to the executive level for further disposition.

Article 7 Surveillance

1. Domain name holders shall comply with all applicable national laws and regulations as well as CITIC Group provisions. In the process of domain name registration and use, any negative effects caused by violating national laws and regulations, infringing others’ legitimate rights,shall be the domain holders’ responsibility.

2. Citic Group Registry shall conduct examinations of domain name holder qualifications and domain name registration and use situations. If there is any violation of the provisions above, Citic Group Registry shall notify the domain name holder to correct.

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