Dragons and Fairies Legend: The origin of Viet People

3 years ago 2591

Long time ago, legend tells a man named Lộc Tục (also known as Kinh Dương Vương or King Kinh Duong) who reigned the wide land called Lĩnh Nam. The Leader was strong, smart and brave. Especially, He was able to walk under the water as on the ground. Kinh Dương Vương got married with Long Nữ, daughter of the Sea King, from Sea Dragon descent, then gave birth to a boy named Sùng Lãm (also known as Lạc Long Quân or King Lac Long). Like father like son, Sùng Lãm was known for an extraordinary strength, a clever mind and a brave heart. He also could walk under the water easily like on the ground.

At that time, Lĩnh Nam was still a wild land. People were usually frightened and harassed by demons. Therefore, Lạc Long Quân decided to travel around the land to kill these demons and help his people to have a better life.

In the Southeast Sea, there was a thousand-years-olds giant fish called Sea Demon. It usually attacked fishing boats then swallowed either boats or fisherman at once.  The local were very scared whenever they had to go for fishing.

After heard about that, Lạc Long Quân got to a boat to look for the demon with a big iron trident on hand. As seeing his boat, the Sea Demon got closer and opened its giant mouth to swallow the boat. As fast as light, Lạc Long Quân thrown the trident into its mouth. The demon was hurting and trying to struggle. Lạc Long Quân then used his sword to kill the demon. Hearing about the death of sea demon, the local all were very happy and appreciated the merit of the hero. Lạc Long Quân also taught them to paint two large eyes on either sides of the fishing boat's nose and draw fierce animals on their back's skin so that the other water creatures would be afraid and not dare to attack them.

Lạc Long Quân continued his journey to Long Biên. The local here was leaving their land because of the appearance of a nine-tailed fox. When the night falling, the demon was coming to villages to kidnap babies to its lair to eat. Lạc Long Quân tracked to its shelter, put a lasso in front of the entrance and waited for the nine-tailed fox. As it was just coming out, Lạc Long Quân pulled the lasso hardly and catches the demon in seconds. The demon struggled hopelessly to escape until exhausted. Lạc Long Quân then used his sword to kill the demon.

After Long Biên, Lạc Long Quân decided to travel up to a mountain land called Phong Châu. At that time, the local’s life was miserable because of the harassment a tree demon. This man-eating-demon was very cruel and insidious. It didn't stay in a certain place but kept moving from this forest to the other ones. At night, it came to villages to eat cattle and fowl. After many days tracking, he finally found out the demon. Lạc Long Quân fought with the tree demon for days but the battle was still inconclusive. He then played gong to cast it out. The demon couldn't stand the sound of gong. It was scared and ran away to the southwest. Peace was returned to the land but the people’s life was still very difficult. Compassionating for the poor, Lạc Long Quân taught them how to grow sticky rice (“cơm nếp”), to cook bamboo cooked rice (“cơm lam”) and to build stilt houses.

One day, on his journey, Lạc Long Quân met a beautiful girl named Âu Cơ, from Northern Fairy descent. They felt in love at the first sight, moved in together and started a family with the blessings of everyone.

Shortly after, Âu Cơ got pregnant and gave birth to a bundle of a hundred eggs. Magically, after seven days, each egg hatched into a cute son. Hundred babies grew up as fast as the wind. Their sons carried the strong blood of the Dragon and the charm of the Fairy. All were handsome, smart and strong.

The whole family lived happily together for years, but both Lạc Long Quân and Âu Cơ were still missing their homeland badly. Many times, Lạc Long Quân left his wife and children to come back to the sea, his homeland. Âu Cơ wished she could follow her husband but sadly, as a Fairy descent, she couldn’t live under water. One day, Lạc Long Quân told his wife that: “I am from Dragon descent, living under water. But you are from Fairy descent, living on the ground. It is difficult to live together forever. So I will bring fifty sons with me to the coastal land and the rest fifty ones will follow you to the mountains. We will share the land to reign. Whenever anyone is in danger, let the others know. We will help each other. Don’t forget we are always a family.”

Afterward the family was separated and began scattering in all directions. These children, the seeds of the Dragon clans, the descendants of the Fairies, settled new life in the mountains and rivers of the south, becoming the originators of the Vietnamese people today. They represented 100 sections of the Vietnamese population named of “Bách Việt” (means 100 races of Vietnam). The oldest son stayed back in Phong Châu and became the King of Văn Lang Country.  

Therefore, Vietnamese today are always proud of being descendants of Dragon and Fairy.

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Hue Ancient Capital Monuments Complex has been recognized as the World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 1993.