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Lunar New Year in Vietnam

Lunar New Year is the most important and meaningful holidays to Vietnamese. It is the time for family gathering and all the best wishes for the new year coming.


Top 9 specialties of the Southwest Vietnam in flood season

Flood season or water rising season (''Mùa nước nổi'') in the Southwest Vietnam usually starts from the 8th to 11th lunar month. This period of the year is also ideal for a promising trip to enjoy delicious specialties as well as vibrant nature beauty of the land.


Golden season of Da Lat

Starting from the middle of October, Dã Quỳ's blossom season is known as ''the golden season'' of Da Lat. It has long become a beautiful memory part of the local here.


Spectacular beauty of famous bridges in Da Nang

One of Da Nang’s most outstanding features – and no doubt the first one that strikes many a visitor to this fair city – is its set of awesome, beautiful, and often “eccentric” bridges.


Amazing Cow Racing in An Giang

Originating as a traditional festival of the Khmer people, an ethnic minority group inhabiting in the Mekong Delta area, today, Bay Nui Cow Racing Festival (“Lễ Hội đua bò Bảy Núi”) is a striking event attracting many tourists to An Giang Province every year.


15 Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit Hoi An

Hội An is an ancient city located in central coast of Vietnam. This ancient town is well known for its tranquility and beautiful scenery. Besides the city traditional neighborhood and its beautiful yellow walls, Hoi An also has great beaches, green rice fields that separated by small roads which mak...


Banh mi, new hot trend of the world street foods

If "Phở" (Vietnamese Beef Rice Noodle) has long a recognized symbol of Vietnamese cuisine in the world, "Bánh mì" (Vietnamese Sandwich) is a new hot trend of the world street foods recently. Let's discover what is the secret behind the dish to win gourmets' heats.


Snow in Vietnam: Is it possible?

Top 5 ideal destinations for extraordinary experience of snow in Vietnam. For a tropical country like Vietnam, people will be very curious and excited when it comes to snow. But it doesn’t mean that it is impossible to enjoy snow falling in this S-shape country.


Hue Imperial City, Charm of Royal Power Symbol

Temples and tombs, cuisine, history and pagodas, and peaceful. Charm of Ancient Royal Power Symbol


Ha Giang, deffinitely your dream road trip

Way leading to Ha Giang looks like a F1 racing road which would make you changes your mind or get more excited about the trip? It’s definitely just only for true adventurers.


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Cape Ca Mau (Ca Mau Province) is not the southernmost point of Vietnam mainland anymore due to the upland or landslide varies. The new defined point is at Khai Long Beach (Ray Hamlet, Ngoc Hien Dist.) , about 10km away Cape Ca Mau.