Nón lá, Vietnamese traditional leaf hats

Leaf hat (means “nón lá” in Vietnamese) is a traditional headwear of East Asia and Southeast Asia such as Japan, Laos, China, Thailand, etc. And Vietnam is one of these.

Bánh xèo, Vietnamese savory pancake

“Bánh xèo” (Vietnamese savory pancake) is a popular and favorite dish throughout Vietnam. The cake is literally named for the loud sizzling sound it makes when the flour mixture is poured into a hot pan.

Cơm Tấm, superb fusion of Vietnamese culinary

“Cơm tấm” or Broken Rice is a specialty of the Southern Vietnam and Sai Gon (Ho Chi Minh City) is the most well-known “home” for this dish. From a normal meal of the commoners, “Cơm tấm” has become a famous dish thanks to the great and sophisticated combination with variety toppings by Sai Gon people.

Dragons and Fairies Legend: The origin of Viet People

Long time ago, legend tells a man named Lộc Tục (also known as Kinh Dương Vương or King Kinh Duong) who reigned the wide land called Lĩnh Nam. The Leader was strong, smart and brave. Especially, He was able to walk under the water as on the ground. Kinh Dương Vương got married with Long Nữ,

A brief history of Ao Dai – identity symbol of Vietnam

A brief history of Ao Dai – identity symbol of Vietnam. Though Ao Dai (“Áo Dài”), a Vietnamese traditional dress, has been recognized as an identity symbol of Vietnam in worldwide nowadays, but its original history seems undefined still with many different versions.

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Did you know?

Mid-Autumn Festival is considered as the festival for children in Vietnam. This year, it will be held on 27th September