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    Thien Hau Pagoda or Tian Hou/ Mazu Pagoda ("Chùa Bà Thiên Hậu") is a Chinese style temple located in "Chợ Lớn" (known as the Chinatown of Ho Chi Minh City). It is dedicated to Thiên Hậu, the Lady deity of the Sea.

    This beautiful pagoda was built by the Chinese in 1760 and been through a few restoration but its many characterized architecture were still well-remained. Materials for  the construction such as roof titles, bricks and ceramic decorations were delivered from Southern China.

    Thien Hau Pagoda was recognized as the National art architecture monument in 1993. Today, it is one of the most favourite tourist attractions in Ho Chi Minh City and always included in any City tour. It has an otherworldly atmosphere owing to the smoking rings of swirling incense and majestic interior furnishings. 


    * Website: N/A

    * Tel: (+84) 8 38555322 

    Opening time:

    Everyday from 6:00 AM - 05:00 PM 

    Length of visit: 15- 30 minutes


    Entrance ticket: FREE (Donation is welcome for restoration and charity)


    - It is a religious place, so dress approriately and show the respect during your visit.

    - As a busy and popular worship place, there is a lot of smoke and fragrances in the pagoda. If you are allergic to the smoke or fragrances, you might want to consider staying away from the main altar area or at least limit your time in this area.

    - Thien Hau Pagoda welcomes many worshipers everyday but it will be extremely crowded during Chinese holidays or festival such as Lunar New Year or Festival of Thien Hau/Tian Hou/Mazu (23rd March on the lunar calendar).