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    There are 03 main routes for Phu Quoc Island explore: Northern Island, Southern Island and Eastern Island. Northern Island explore route is suitable for nature lover with Phu Quoc National Park, beautiful wild beaches and unique streams with diverse shapes and heights. The most well-known tourist attraction of the trip to the South of Phu Quoc in specific and Phu Quoc in general is Phu Quoc Prison which was built by the French in the late 1940s. Today, the old prison is used as a museum to narrate the gruesome history of the prison. Dinh Cậu (Uncle’s Temple) is the ideal place to watch sunset in East of the Island.

    Phu Quoc’s beaches are most of beautiful beaches in Vietnam. The sea water is always clean and clear like blue crystal even during bad weather. Night squid fishing, snorkeling and diving are favorite activities to foreign tourists.

    Phu Quoc Vinpearl Resort and Amusement Park, which had launched at the end of 2014, is the new attraction location. 

    Besides fresh seafood, Phu Quoc fish sauce is a big brand now. Visiting traditional fish sauce village to know how they made it or how it becomes famous would be an interesting experience.

    Unlike the other islands in which the local people only can exploit the potential from marine resources and tourism business, people here plant pepper as an another valuable income. Green pepper gardens are stretching like endless. Pepper from Phu Quoc is known for with red special color and fragrant smell.


    Due to the location, the weather here is cool during a year. There are two distinct seasons: dry season (from November to May of the next year) and rainy season (from June to November). The annual temperature is about 25 -27oC.