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    Situated right in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, Immaculate Conception Cathedral Basilica (“Vương cung Thánh đường Chính tòa Đức Mẹ Vô nhiễm Nguyên tội “) or commonly known as Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral (“Nhà thờ Đức Bà Sài Gòn”) is an iconic building of French colonial architecture of the City. The Cathedral was built by French colonists in 1877 and opened to the public in 1880. It has two bell towers, with a height of 58 meters (190 feet). Especially, all the materials for the construction were imported directly from France.

    Together with other famous landmarks such as Central Post Office, Saigon Opera House, the Cathedral is a should-not-miss tourist stop of any city tour as well as the proud of local generations.  Therefore, the beautiful building is one of favorite backgrounds in many pre-wedding photos album of young couples.

    Although the Cathedral looks imposing from outside, its interior has deteriorated over the years. A large-scale restoration, which may take several years, is expected to start on the 135-year-old Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica arround end of this year 2015. During the time of the project, the entire Cathedral will be covered but weekend masses are still remained for parishioners. 


    * Website: www.saigonarchdiocese.net (Archdiocese of Ho Chi Minh City)

    * Tel: (+84 8) 3822 0477/  3829 4822/  3822 1285/  3827 7945

    Opening time:

    Opening hours (for tourists): From Monday to Friday

    + Morning:   08:30 AM – 10:00 AM

    + Afternoon: 14:30 PM – 15:30 PM

    Mass schedule:

    + From Monday to Saturday:   05:30 | 17:00

    + Sunday                             :   05:30 | 06:30 | 07:30 | 09:30 (English)

                                                    16:00 | 17:15 | 18:30

    Length of visit: 15 minutes


    Entrance ticket: Free (Donation is welcome for restoration)


    - Dress approriately and keep silent when visiting inside the church.

    - There are a lot pigeons at the front park of the church. You can enjoy playing with them and have great photos.