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    Located in the middle of Southern Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City (also known as Saigon – Sài Gòn) is the second largest and the most populous city of the country. Known as a dynamic and friendly city, also an important gateway to connect the region to indoor cities and provinces as well as outdoor countries, Ho Chi Minh City is an important economic, cultural, educational, scientific and technological center in the South in particular and the whole Vietnam in general.

    With a total area of ​​2,095 km2, the City is divided into 19 districts and 5 suburban districts with 322 wards, communes and towns.

    It was officially renamed after the name of President Ho Chi Minh in 1976.  Though, the old name of Saigon is still popularly referred and considered as an unofficial name of the City.

    With over 300 years of development, Ho Chi Minh City - Saigon today is the beauty of contrary. Besides the image of arising modern constructions, many ancient worship buildings or charming French colonial architecture are highlights to visitors. Its infrastructure and tourism services have been increasingly improved with variety choices from luxury hotels to budget guesthouses or from fine restaurants to tasty street food vendors.

    Cuisine serves as the major contribution to specific the image of Saigon on tourists’ hearts. But, surprisingly, it is even difficult for the local to list out a truly dish originated from Saigon. Due to Saigon cuisine is the exotic combination between different cuisines from regions throughout the country and worldwide. People can easily find many special dishes of the North, the Central, and the South or even of foreign countries such as China, Korea, Japan, Thai, India, France, America, and Italy with original taste or “Saigon-ized” (localized) taste. A proper Saigon food’s style is sweet, more vegetables and fresh seafood.

    Known for colorful streets with lightings, entertainment spots opening until midnight or bustling traffic flow like never end, many people call Ho Chi Minh as the city that never sleeps. This lively and dynamic City also offers a seemingly unlimited choice of shopping to its visitors with local markets, shops and malls.


    Located in the tropical equatorial monsoon, Ho Chi Minh City has two distinct seasons that are dry season (from May to November) and rainy season (from December to April the following year). The average annual temperature is 27.5oC (~81.5oF).