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    Green sticky rice cake (“Bánh cốm”) was first invented by the great ancestor of the Nguyen Duy Family living in Hanoi. In 1865, he opened a store named “Nguyên Ninh” to sell this special cake at 11 Hang Than Street and passed by tradition to the 6th generation up to now. Hang Than Street was used to a part of Nguyen Ninh Village. That was how its name originated from.

    Green sticky rice cake quickly became very famous thanks to its beautiful and unique flavor. After Nguyen Ninh Store’s success, many other stores also opened in Hang Than Street to sell this specialty but to many Hanoi people, they prefer to buy from Nguyen Ninh Store to enjoy the famous original flavor of green sticky rice cake.

    The cake was made of young rice ("cốm") which creating natural green and stickiness of the skin cake. The fillings were green bean paste mixing with fresh shredded coconut meat and sugar coated winter melon or lotus seeds. The two main materials were selected very carefully: young rice must be imported from Vong Village or Lu Village (Thai Binh Province) and green been must be from Son La or Ha Bac.

    Green sticky rice cake can be made from either fresh young rice or dried young rice, but off course, cakes from fresh young rice will be more attractive in flavour. Fresh young rice adding with sugar will be stir-fried in a big pan until sugar is absorbed completely. Green bean is steamed then grinded into a soft and sticky paste before mixing with surgar, fresh shredded coconut meat and sugar coated winter melon or lotus seeds.

    Today, Nguyen Ninh Store still remains their traditional method of making cakes so the best before date of these cakes is only within 03 days.


    • "Nguyên Ninh" Green sticky rice cake

    - Type: Food Store

    - Address: 11 Hang Than Street, Ba Dinh Dist., Hanoi (See directions)

    - Opening time: 09:00 AM - 09:00 PM

    - Price (fixed price): Latest updated on Nov 2015

    + Green sticky rice cake: 5.000 - 6.000 VND/cake/box

    + Other type of cakes: 5.000 – 55.000 VND/cake/box

    + Sugar coated lotus seeds: 150.000 VND/kg

    + Thai Nguyen Tea: 190.000 VND/kg

    + Dried young rice: 250.000 VND/kg