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    Da Lat City (“Đà Lạt”) is located in Lam Vien Plateau (or Lang Biang Plateau), Lam Dong Province, with the total natural area is about 393, 29 km².

    Before 1893, Lang Biang Plateau is home of the Minorities. In, 1897, it was discovered by French Doctor Alexandre Yersin (1863-1943). The City is established in 1912 and quickly became a favorite destination to Europeans who live and work in Vietnam due to its cool weather.  

    In the Lat Minority People’s language, the name of Đà Lạt (or Dak Lat) means Lat’s stream which to call Cam Ly Stream in the area.

    Throughout 115 years of establishment and development, Da Lat today is the political, economic and cultural of Lam Dong Province as well as a famous tourism destination in Vietnam.

    Situated at an altitude of 1.500 meters above sea level, Da Lat’s weather is fresh and cold during the whole year. Its landscape is variety with pine forests, waterfalls and flowers. Visiting Da Lat in winter days would be a very enjoyable time. People call the sunshine here is cool sunshine because even walking under the sun, they still cannot feel the heat but only the cool.  

    Thanks to the mild climate, beautiful landscapes and diverse architectural heritages, Da Lat is also known as “Foggy City”, “Pines City”, “Flowers City” or “Little Paris”.

    In addition, Da Lat is a religious diverse city with hundreds of pagodas, churches and monasteries. As the habitat of many Minorities such as: K’ho, Mạ, Chu Ru, M’Nông, Lạch, there are many traditional festivals are still hold and preserved here. Tourists also can find many unique handicraft products.

    Vegetables and flowers from Da Lat have been a reliable brand over years. In the next development step, Da Lat in specific and Lam Dong Province in general is aiming to become an international vegetables-flowers center.


    As the result of high altitude and pines forest surrounded, Da Lat has many characteristics of temperate zone. The average temperature is about 18-21 ° C. The highest temperature never exceeds 30 ° C and the lowest not less than 5 ° C.