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Things to do in Vietnam – The Vietnamese travelling guide by locals

It is good to learn as much helpful information about the destination from travelers before you go.

It is even great to have friends living there. There are always wonderful tips which are just only revealed by the local, who understand the land and love the land as well.

Get tired of collecting necessary information and tips from huge resources around but most are similar, overlap or even out-of-dated years ago.

Hesitated about a trip to overplayed popular destination or to a new trending one.

If these are what are in your mind now, you are in the right place.

Welcome to VNSplorer for a virtual exploration to Vietnam, a new rising destination in Southeast Asia.

This website will give you a more wide view of Vietnam from its beautiful and diverse landscapes, to characterized and unique culture, or especially to outstanding and superb cuisine.

We are here to provide Vietnamese local guides, tested tips, and useful recommendations of things to do and places to go throughout this S-shape country so you can see more or less making your trip to Vietnam a memorable time. All information is keeping well-organized and continuous updated to save your time. So let join us to get inspiration and advice on planning your trip to Vietnam.

Vnsplorer also supports visitors a very unique way to find out what things you need to do, to eat, to see in Vietnam. For those who want to travel to Vietnam, you should visit all Saigon, Hanoi, Halong Bay, Hoian, Cuchi Tunnel, NhaTrang, Danang, Sondoong Cave, etc. Plus, we help you plan your safe trip, save your time and also we will show you the locations picked up by Vietnamese locals for travelers. Happy Vietnam travel!



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Did you know?

Mid-Autumn Festival is considered as the festival for children in Vietnam. This year, it will be held on 27th September